The Internship Program:

Internships have and still are the best medium to practically understand and practice the work ethics

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Once you get register with us a task is immediately assigned for a 45 day period, on which the intern will start work right away.

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How It Works

About us

In today’s ever dynamic IT industry, not only is knowledge of the innovative technology transition, a driving force, rather practical experience plays an equally significant part as well. Offering the real flavor of the industry’s practicalities, we offer internship programs for interested individuals all over Pakistan. Given the basic requirements of an IT interns, individuals from any place or community can join our program spread over a period of two months.

The internship programs is a twofold beneficial process which allows our interns to experience the expediency of the job while educating them down the line, whereas we find the best candidate who performs the designated tasks excellently and offers him or her a permanent job with the company, along with a competitive salary package.

Internships have and still are the best medium to practically understand and practice the work ethics, procedures and disciplines of a particular field. Our program offers a fair chance for every interested individual to gather hands on experience that will help in excelling not only their careers but also offering valuable insights of how professionals manage the specialized services that are in demand nowadays.

Our 2 months internship program is the perfect opportunity to add on to your studies, while trying out the best available chance to stride out towards your future career. Our internship programs are project-based expanding your practical knowledge base and offering required technical and practical training beforehand.

We aim to find the right individuals that will prove to be integral for our organization moving a step further with us as we explore the new boundaries of the IT industry. Join us today and let us together explore the new horizons waiting for us.

What we DO

Our internship process starts as soon as an individual is hired. A task is immediately assigned for a 45 day period, on which the intern will start work right away. Each intern is assigned an account, where he or she can log in and get all details of the designated job from their dashboard.

In order to aid better performance for the job, approximately 10 training videos are also offered on every intern’s dashboard, which they are required to review in order to get a better grasp of the j0ob requirements and how it should be done.

Our assigned tasks are primarily related to internet marketing, with diverse modules included such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social sites, besides other modules including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), article and directory submission, etc.

All the tasks offered to interns are related to SEO and advertising of different companies/products. Our main focus is on promoting companies and products, and their related keywords so that their outreach is international.

Being a pioneer is this service, we are the only organization offering these internships, offering a fair chance to everyone who wishes to pursue a career in this field. The program is available for any eligible individual from all over Pakistan and no payment/charges are required to be made. It is a free of cost joining internship.

SEO activities, article submission, keyword optimization, etc are all the basics of internet marketing today and no business can survive without using these services as the world is in the transition phase from brick and mortar shops to internet stores where everything from a needle to heavy machineries are available to chose and purchase through only a few clicks. In such a scenario, internet marketing is proven to be the best career that can be taken up today and even though basic education of these activities will help you excel in your career, it is the on hand performed jobs that offer the creativity, confidence and maturity to handle bigger and more complex projects and making them global. This is exactly what we aim to offer.

Join us today and let us change your future forever.

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